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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 1, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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. a challenging rescue mission hundreds of miles off the coast of san francisco, what coast guard crews are facing right now as they try to airlift three injured sailors. also big waves up to 40' high batter the bay area coast and how some were able to take advantage of the impressive show. an early morning house fire in pacifica leave 11 family
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members without a home. >> this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. good evening, i'm erick rasmussen, ken wayne is off tonight. >> em heather holmes. >> the bay area windy weather has stalled the rescue of saivil sailors. crew member are aboard a western australian yacht and about the efforts to bring the sailors to shore. >> reporter: heather, we're live in front of a cutter that is similar to the one sent out to that troubled yacht and this is what we know at this hour. this is what we have learned from the coast guard. we want to show you video of the geraldton off the top. this is the yacht in question, which has had its steering mounting knocked out by huge waves. this video was captured a month ago as the geraldton was leaving china. the coast guard tells us that there may been additional person among the three that
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include a 50-year-old british doctor and 62-year-old australian farmer and 28-year- old croatian software engineer and they may have suffered back, rib and pelvic injuries. the chopper hasn't been able to launch because of weather conditions and finally the geraldton is about 260 miles away from the san francisco shore, due to dock sometime tomorrow afternoon. now we want to show you video of the u.s. coast guard dropping supplies to the 70' geraldton western australia, one of the clippers sailing around the world race that concludes in july. we have been told that the jayhawk coast guard chopper is standing by but has trouble due to weather to pick up the injured sailors. >> the weather is unpredictable and that is what we have been facing today is the seas, winds, and the
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ability for the cutter to launch the aircraft. >> reporter: we watched the ninth yacht dock and the crew had to undergo a half-hour customs check before leaving the boat. we we are told race officials were going to let them know what happened with the geraldton as soon as members came ashore. we have been updated by the u.s. coast guard and that chopper is now in the air. so that means that the chopper is going to evaluate once it gets over the geraldton, which sailors need to be picked up and as soon as they do that, they will let us know and we'll let you know. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. the clipper 2011-2012 around world race spans 40,000 miles, drawing sailors from around the world. lead boats arrived through the golden gate friday evening there. are ten yachts registered in that competition. this last leg of the race from qingdao china to oakland.
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those big waves are taking aim at the bay area coast and coming up, we're ap at half moon bay where monster waves are helping one industry while hurting another. anlederly man and 13-year- old boy are dead after a fire at a house in pacifica that was home to 13 people. ktvu's janee de la vega with more on the intense fire and the extreme measures to save one baby trapped inside. >> reporter: it was simply too much to bear for these family members, a fire ripped through their home, leaving two of their loved ones dead. neighbors say three generations of the same family lived under this roof. >> i'm feeling really sad, it's just -- it's just unfathomable. >> reporter: home caught fire and quickly grew to six alarms. >> the flames were coming out
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all windows it was surreal- smoke was drifting out of the windows hours after the fire extinguished. before firefighters arrived they were told an infant trapped inside was throne throne from the second story window. >> some of the family members were on the first floor and got out and either jumped from the second story or existed from the first and catching some of the children on the way down. >> reporter: firefighter say the flames were so intense it caused the roof to collapse. 13 people lived in the home, including six children, but when firefighters were finally able to enter they found two bodies. the red cross were told by relatives it was a 9-year-old man and a 13-year-old boy. relatives rushed to scene, many overcome with grief and neighbors rushed to their aid. >> we gave one of them a sweatshirt. they didn't have a coat on and another pair of slippers. you just do what you can as a neighbor, you know? >> reporter: the red cross brought grief counselors to help the family and providing food, shelter and clothing for them. reporting from pacifica, janine
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de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. new at 5:00 police in concord are investigating that city's first homicide of the year. police say a homeless as man body was found behind the old hollywood video at the food sax shopping center on monument boulevard. they say he was a 49-year-old concord man. they say he appeared to be assaulted. anyone with information is asked to call concord police. police have identify a young man involved in a shooting near a convenience store. authorities have not yet said what role they believe he playing into the of 4-year-old devin whitmire. police are still looking for other students in the case. a rave at the oakland
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coliseum apparently went off without any major problems. about 12,000 people attended the pop 2012reave, it's same event that was banned at the cow palace after two drug- related deaths in 2010. the incident led some lawmakers to ban raves in certain venues. oakland police say they didn't receive any report of problems at rave last night. an occupy oakland march was not as pesful. police received several reports of vandalism including broken windows and graffiti. a starbucks, a quizno and wells fargo branch and other businesses had some damage. oakland police tell us they weren't able to look at any arrests they loan plano to look at surveillance video as they investigate. bay area beach-goers some big waves. here is what it looked like in pacifica. wave as high as 12' kept most people out of water. ktvu's matt keller has been track the conditions in pacifica, where he learned two hours ago that the national weather service downgraded the
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high surf warning now matt, to an advisory. >> reporter: many of the people i spoke with today say the waves they saw today were the biggest they have seen all year and combined with the windy conditions, surfers are staying out of the water. mavericks needed no special effects for the film today. >> it's cresting over 60', but it's really blown out, the conditions are rough. >> reporter: cameras in the sky, on the cliff, and in the water were filming the maverick movie starring gerard butler. some of the areas are probably too dangerous for anybody to go out just because -- not just the size, but the condition and the water. >> reporter: families also kept their kids out of the water. the sand was the preferred
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playground. >> we want everybody to go home safely and want to make sure we choose the right active for thermometer. >> reporter: so this weekend it's the sand? >> this weekend it's the sand. >> reporter: even the most seasoned fishermen kept their boats docked today in half moon bay. they could make thousands of dollars in a weekend, but goes out in these conditions could cost them their lives. >> pretty much, it's easy to go overboard. >> reporter: maverick surf organizers tell me that they hope the next window for the contest starts november 1st. reporting leave in pacifica matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. >> in san francisco, they got a great view of waves on the way to the golden gate bridge and look at the scene from bodega bay. ktvu viewer jake patterson sent us these pictures of the waves. she said the wind was blowing so hard it blew her dog'ser ears and tail sideway. >> plenty of wind and waves burk we got a break from the
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rain. meteorologist mark tamayo. >> we do have actually have clear skies out there with still gusty winds across the bay area. looking at the buoys on the radar, showers to our north and east, but as we deploy our buoy sensors, winding gusting to 27 miles per hour and wave heights around 17' and as a result, that high-surf advisory is still in place until 11:00 tomorrow morning. all because of this, west- northwesterly swell building into the bay area. that happened yesterday as we take this into monday and tuesday the swells will be dropping out. no advisory in place, but still up to 8-10'. here is the satellite and radar, clear skies over the bay area today, but of course, we had those gusty winds out there. here is the bigger perspective out there in the pacific. just a few high clouds could be paying us a visit as we head into tuesday morning. winds have been cranking up for today. you can see the winds over 20
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miles per hour, but here is our forecast models. the windows back off as we head into first thing monday morning and into the afternoon hours. so the winds tomorrow not as strong as today that. means off to a chilly start first thing tomorrow morning. coolest locations out towards napa and santa rosa. san josi 4degrees. coming up, the neighborhoods that will warm into the 70s for tomorrow afternoon. and when we go be tracking a if you light showers in our five- day forecast. mark, that stormy weather knocked down a large tree on "school campus in marin county, the estimated 50' pine treetopled over onto a chain- link fence. crew as interviewed cut up the tree and take it way. . search for sierra lamar expanded today, the new cities now being looked into and as this search effort comes to an end, what is next in the search for the missing teen? vice president joe biden
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took a shot at mitt romney today, the issue that caused biden to accuse romney of being "stuck in a cold war mentality." a sidewalk snag and the reason bicyclists and pedestrians have to share the east sidewalk of the golden gate bridge for at least another month. [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles, like in a special ops mission? you'd spot movement, gather intelligence with minimal collateral damage. but rather than neutralizing enemies in their sleep, you'd be targeting stocks to trade. well, that's what trade architect's heat maps do. they make you a trading assassin. trade architect. td ameritrade's empowering, web-based trading platform. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account.
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. in less than an hour the klaaskids foundation will launch a 4-hour social media vision encourage awareness of sierra lamar on the internet. there is still no sign of the missing south bay teenager as the daily searches for her are ending. ktvu's maureen naylor is live in morgan hill with the latest plea from lamar's family and what is next, maureen. >> reporter: eric starting tonight at 6:00, organizers are asking people to change their social media picture profile to show a picture of sierra lamar for 24 hours. today and six straight days of searches by volunteers, but those here at the command post
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say their search is in no way done. this teenager tamed sierra posted friers today to bring another teen with the same name home safely. >> people were saying she is not going to come back and she might be out of california now, but i think she is going to come back. >> reporter: the missing teenager has been missing for 16 days. >> you are all aware you will be in a more rural area, okay? >> reporter: the volunteer area searched to include parts of san josi and gilroy. the sheriff's office had no organized search today, but instead reviewed hundreds of tips that have poured in, which they say have slowed from about 70 tips aday to 50. >> keep the tips coming. every tip could be the tip that brings her back home. >> reporter: sierra's mother keeps faith her daughter will come home alive, inspired by the story of this vallejo teenager who was kidnapped more than a decade ago and survived. >> the best seen was hearing marlene that i was able to give her home. if i can do that, then i will
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be here everyday if i have to. >> my other daughter and i cried for a while last night, and so, it's still hard. >> reporter: also difficult for sierra's parents asked to review clothing which turned out to be nothing. >> your heart races and you don't want to find anything. >> reporter: you are looking at team that have come back after hours' of searches and while the involvement searches are ending today the next planned volunteer search is set for saturday. live in morgan hill, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. police in san diego have arrested a woman suspected of killing her 4-year-old son. authorities say 30-year-old pat that you corby flagged down a police officer. corby's son was in the back of
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her car, unresponsive. they believe corby killed her son earlier at another location. authorities haven't released the cause of death or a possible moatsivity. >> the body of an elite professional runner micah true has been found in the gila national forest. the 58-year-old disappeared last week during a 12-mile run. authorities are working to determine how true died. true had been staying and running with the indians in new mexico's sierra madre. >> in election 2012 news tonight republicans will compete in three primaries on tuesday, washington, d.c., maryland and the big prize, wisconsin. >> i don't think wisconsin is do-or-die, but i think it's going to be a strong signal and look, when i keep coming back to the fact that when you look at the odd against us, i think david would like to have these odds versus goliath. >> later today rick santorum knocked down the pins at a
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wisconsin bowling alley and the state is offering 42 delegates in a winner-take-all contest. mitt romney picked up another key endorsement. wisconsin's freshman senator gave romney a thumb's up after a week of valuable endorsements, including one from the elder george bush. romney is ahead 5-10 points and earlier today his staff play and april's fool's joke saying here is the next president to an empty room. presidential candidate ron powell will speak at berkeley's zeller bach auditorium this week. the texas congressman has only won 50 delegates, but i is popular with college students for his support of legalizing marijuana. vice president joe biden protected president obama by an
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attack from mitt romney. >> he seems to be stuck in a cold war mentality and i think it exposes how little the governor knows about foreign policy. >> romney had blasted the president for remarks he made last week that "he could be more flexible with russia about missile defense offer the election." romney called russia america's no. 1 g.o.p. foe and secretary of state hillary clinton fired back saying that the u.s. shares many interests with russia, including concerns about ian and afghanistan. california has pulled the plug on an expensive efforts to link all the state's courts in one computer system. the project ended tuesday when the judicial council voted to scrap it. critics called it a flop and boondoggle. instead cost for
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specialize software and consultants arounded up. 408 will be joined by 669 in november, but starting april 219 if you are dial a 408 number all callers are encouraged to start dialing a 1 plus the area code and seven- dict phone number and in october, that will become mandatory to place a call. existing phone numbers will not change or the cost for any toll calls. the golden gate bridge will not re-open. bicyclists and pedestrians have been shared east sidewalk since january because of construction on the west side. they say the work is not expected to be completed until mid-may. a spokeswoman for the bridge strict says a, "the work is more labor-intensive than originally anticipated." recent rains also caused some delays. fire, pepper-spray and police in riot gear, coming up next on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, we'll take you to the
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college basketball victory party that got out of control. an historic election in myanmar and what may end its global isolation. also they are words meant to scare people into action. the new warning system about to be released by the national weather service. ♪
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. teak' lack, a basketball celebration at the university of kentucky turned violent. a melee erupted in lexington after the school's win over rival louisville in the final 4 yesterday. crowds overturned cars and lit some of them on fire. police riot gear had to use pepper-spray. audio experts investigating 911 tapes from the shooting of florida teenager trayvon martin say the screams are not those of his shooter. they say the voice pattern does not match that of george zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who shot trayvon martin and claimed self- defense. one expert says it's clearly that of a young man. but he cannot confirm it's the voice of trayvon. because he doesn't have a sample of the teenager's voice
5:25 pm
for comparison. former mexican president miguel de la madrid died this morning at the age of 77. mexico's current president calderon announced the death on twitter. de la madrid had been in a mexico city hospital with respiratory problems since december. he led mexico from 1982 to 1988 during the country's economic crisis and a deadly 8.1 earthquake. secretary of state hillary clinton is in turkey tonight, wocking on a solution to the ongoing violence in syria. she joined leaders to discuss how to aid those rise up against syrian president bashar al-assad. they created a multi-million fund to support opposite forces. secretary clinton took some time today to congratulate the people of myanmar for taking part in a historic election
5:26 pm
electing aung san suu kyi to a seat in parliament. today's election was the first in myanmar to feature alternatives to the country's ruling party. many believe this could prompt the u.s. and european union to lift sanctions and end myanmar's global isolatation. back in syria more bloodshed after an army assault that killed at least 17 people, including a 13-year-old boy. opposite activists say armored trucks with thousands of soldiers entered the city, launching grenades and setting buildings on fire. around 250 rebel fighters reportedly resisted the attack for several hours before retreating. in fiji, severe flooding has left five dead and others misses. in a western township on the main island, a second man's body was found in a creek. floodwaters began rising on thursday, several people have
5:27 pm
since been stranded in homes and businesses. thousands are now in evacuation centers. and in vatican city tens of thousands gathered to celebrate the start of holy week. pope benedict xvi held palm sunday mass in sat peters square. holy week is the last week of the lenten season and ends next sunday on easter. the u.s. marks a somber anniversary, 44 years wednesday an assassin shot and killed martin luther king many memphis. the man convicted the man, james earl ray died in prince in 1988. memphis will honor dr. king by renaming a local road for him and in the bay air, they will conduct a teach-in at the allen temple baptist church. the national weather service is trying out a new
5:28 pm
tornado warning system aiming at getting more temto seek shelter. in residents in tornado-prone areas have become desensitived by frequent false alarms. the weather service will try using warnings that describe the damage that could come, for example, some of the new warnings will say "complete destruction of entire neighborhoods is likely." also another one might say, "mass devastation is highly likely," making the area unrecognizable to survivors. all right, we're continuing to follow the coast guard mission to help three injured sailors hundreds of miles off the coast of the san francisco. >> also, advertising going high-tech and how companies are tailoring their ads, using facial recognition. and a new controversy for goldman sachs, how the investment firm is connected to a sex trafficking website. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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. we return now to our top stories we have been following all day for, a athree-alarm fire ripped through a pacifica home this morning, leaving a 93- year-old man and 13 -year-old boy dead. witnesses say a baby was thrown from the window and not injured. the monster waves kept most people out of water all day including some fishermen. many people say today's waves were the biggest they have seen all year. and in about half an hour, organizers searching for missing teenager sierra lamar will ask involvements to change their social media profile photo to sierra's picture for 24 hours. meantime the daily search for sierra ended today. next volunteer search is set for saturday. another story that we're
5:32 pm
closely following, new information about the ocean rescue of several injured and stranded sailors hundreds of miles off the coast of san francisco. ktvu's jade hernandez is in alameda, where she learned the coast guard is now en route to bring the crew members to safety. >> reporter: that is right. less than had a minutes ago the u.s. coast guard launched a medevac chopper, which will evaluate how many sailors need to be airlifted for medical attention. we're live in front of a cutter similar to the one of the that the coast guard sent out as part of that rescue operation. to help out the geraldton, that is the yacht in trouble. this is video of the u.s. coast guard dropping supplies to the 70' yacht. the yacht is one of ten sailing in the clipper around the world race, which concludes late july. all other nine boats have docked at jack london square within the past two days. this is video taken a month ago of the geraldton. that is the yacht in trouble before it had a h-its steering mounting knocked out by a huge wave last night. the coast guard tolls us right
5:33 pm
now there may be four people, rather than the three initially reported. others include a 50-year-old british doctor, a 62-year-old australian farmer and 28-year- old croatian software engineer, who suffered back, rib and pelvic injuries. we have been told once airlifted those injured will head either to san francisco or monterey for medical care. >> as soon as we heard about geraldton, we all sent an e- mail and said we hope everybody's okay and keep up-to- date. >> ultimately our reis on the responsibility is to make sure that everybody is safe and rup or racing race. this is the eighth edition of the race and every single edition of the race we had to cope with all different kinds of situations. it's an inherent part of sailboat racing and it can be dangerous and risky. >> reporter: the coast guard won't know how many sailors will be airlifted until the medevac chopper gets above the geraldton. right now it could
5:34 pm
250 miles off the coast of san francisco right now. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. if you would like to find out more about the current rescue mission, click on advertisers are increasing using facial recognition technology as a way to better target their customers and while it might be a revolutionary new fool for marketing others are raising privacy concerns. meadowland housley takes a closer look. >> a simple expression to the color your eyes, your face sets you apart and now that uniqueness is tapped by impact it recognition technology to taylor ads directly to you. >> every time we have shown it to retailers and brands, the comment is wow, i wouldn't even imagine this was possible and it's ready to go and production worthy and ready to be bought today.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: intel is one company that developed digital advertising displays that registers someone's age, gender and even the distance of their eyes. >> you will see more targeted content and more benefits in terms of being able to send direct to my cell phone information about coupon or what comes next from the brand. from the brand's standpoint they get more tangible data of who is engaging and how to make it more effective. >> reporter: bars and clubs are using the technology, this app registers the age and ratio of male to female patrons. others worry about their image being captured and how it's used. >> there is privacy concerns and the technical side, in other words, how we keep private information from being misused in illegal on unethical manner. >> it's all completely anonymous, which is what makes it work in a public sense.
5:36 pm
we really go out of our way to ensure privacy c. facial recognition adrs are with addias and kraft foods. as for other companies and governments, experts say it's only a matter of time. in los angeles, adam housley, fox news. goldman sachs has suddenly unloaded its investment anyway media website after ties to the sex trafficking trade came to light. a new york times blogger reported last week a subsidiary of goldman sachs owned a stake of more than 20 states have made arrested for trafficking of underaged girls advertised on back page. they sold their stake in the website friday days after the story came out, but apparently goldman sachs knew of the sordid connection for a long time. a spokesperson tells routts "that the company was
5:37 pm
uncomfortable with the investment since 2010. >> tomorrow, the report ranks the biggest 15 airlines in the us based on year's onfinal performance, mishandled baggage and customer complaints. . new hangars are coming to hayward executive airport. hayward hangars is laying the foundation for two buildings that will add 30 now hangars to the airport. airport officials say about 450 planes are basis based in hayward and about 70 of those planes are on the waiting list for existing hangar space. the new hangars are expected to be ready for use sometime this summer. today the highway patrol begins a month-long crackdown on distracted driver and it's not just cell phone violators who officers will be after. they will also look for people eating or doing other dangerous things behind the wheel. officers say distracted driving can lead to speeding and a number of other violations without the driver realizing.
5:38 pm
a half sent sales tax goes into effect in fair frahm as a way to deal with the projected budget deficit. fairfax joins novato and san rafael with the 8.5% sales tax. the city of fairfield is in financial trouble. council members meet on tuesday to decide whether it declare a fiscal media. the city manager says more than $44 million has been seized from the city in the last three years to deal with the budget crisis in sacramento. they said the city can no longer make budget cuts without eliminating programs and services. many medical news more concern about the use of hormones to relieve symptoms of menopause. the study by brigham and women's hospital in boston find the use of my combination of hormones for ten years or more slightly raised the risk.
5:39 pm
doctors long prescribed estrogen without progestin. . when ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 urn ares a new exhibit remembers the doomed titanic. the high-tech element to this new tool. and temperatures are on the rise, but that will soon change. channel 2 meteorologist mark tamayo joins us next with when we can next expect a cooldown.
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ñsxóxgñ . all that rain we had yesterday here in the bay area came in the form of snow in the sierra. this is what it looked like at about 1:00 this afternoon on interstate 80. the road is pretty clear, but there is plenty of snow there on the ground. the fresh stuff came just in time for spring-break skiers
5:42 pm
and snowboarders. all of this late season snowfall has even prompt merchandise ski resorts to stay open a week or two extra this year. it may not feel like it in the bay area, but march around the country was the hottest in decades. thousands of records are set or even matched and large cros,ed in atlanta, buffalo, chicago, detroit, indianapolis and minneapolis, and several others had their warmest march since records were kept mark tamayo here, not holding our breathe for that in the bay area. >> we're going to improve a little bit if you like the warmth, but you can see right behind me, we still have mostly clear skies b-a bit of the breeze. the winds ramping up pretty much all weekend long. we had the cold front move through the bay area and that strong northwesterly flow still in any place right now. take a look at the maps right now. we have a dry forecast. the rain showers way up to, nor
5:43 pm
our north and still a few lingering snow showers around the sierra. you can see our buoy reports in the middle of the bay, winds gusting to 18 miles per hour. as far as temperatures for today, we warmed up into the 50s to the 60s and today a little warmer than saturday and we'll continue to warm things back up. for monday, warmest locations around 70 degrees for santa rosa and concord. san francisco, a 10-degree jump in readings. here is the view in the pacific and you can see the clear skies up above right now. there is a storm system out here to our north and west, but high pressure returns for your monday and as a result, mostly sunny skies, temperatures in the 60s to lower 70s. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the workweek.
5:44 pm
tuesday, this weather system moves in, this weak cold front, but this will be strong enough to generate a few extra cloud as we head into tuesday afternoon. and a slight chance of a few evening sprinkles favoring the north bay. we're into the too impress with the rainfall potential, but the cooldown, temperatures cooling off as we head into wednesday and also thursday. here is our cloud and rainfall forecast model tomorrow, lots of sunshine out there. we're not track anything raindrops for your monday. a few high clouds move in by tuesday afternoon. you will see a little bit of activity on the rainfall forecast by late tuesday and into wednesday. and as a result, we have that slight chance of a sprinkle for that timeframe, favoring the north bay. as far as baseball, it's back in the bay area for tomorrow with the giants and a's. preseason, as you can see here, but mostly clear skies and temperatures will be in the upper 50s. that is after a pretty warm afternoon for tomorrow. you can see santa rosa, napa, fairfield and, in fact, a string of 70s showing up in ports of the north bay and east bay. san francisco, mid-60s,morgan hill 72. here is a look ahead your five- day forecast, and tuesday, we thicken up the cloud cover a bit, but still a fairly nice
5:45 pm
day. that cooling trends really kicks in by wednesday with a slight chance of showers and temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. with your weekend always in view, we're watching a weather system and looks like it will park itself between the bay area and hawai'i. at least for right now, as we head into easter sunday, it could be dry with just a sun- cloud mix. tomorrow just a buxday in the bay area. >> absolutely. thank you, mark. >> the titanic is being remembered with a new exhibition nearly a century after setting sail on her deadly voyage across the atlanta. in belfast, ireland, the vessel was built. folks can take a cgi tour of the famous vessel made famous in the james cameron film "titanic." coming up, the women's final 4 is coming up. and a wild day in nascar,
5:46 pm
including a controversial finish you just have to see. sportswrap with joe fonzi is coming up next
5:47 pm
5:48 pm
. good evening everyone and welcome to this early sunday night edition of sportswrap. the waiting is almost over for stanford and college basketball's women's final 4. stanford about to stipoff against baylor and 6' 8" brittney griner. the most recent over duke in
5:49 pm
fresno. chiney ogwumike wants it to end in victory for her sister. >> i know how hard she has worked and her team and that would be the ultimate going away present, but even if we're not able to lift it up high in the mile high city, it's the journey we remember. >> we want this so much for our seniors and doing it for the people because this is their last game as a stanford cardinal. >> the highest-ranked golfner the united states gained momentum in the shell houston open. you might not know that distinction belongs to hunter mahan. louis oosthuizen had a lead and quickly gave it up. oosthuizen chipped up the hill and took a double bogey. carl pettersson could have
5:50 pm
earned a trip to the masters with a win. pettersson with the birdie, but his master's bid fall one stroke short and that is because mahan was steady from start to finish. on the par-3 9th, the shot settled within the shadow of the flag and sets himself up for birdie no. 1 birdie no. 2 came one hole later and this time marvin's short putt comes courtesy of his approaching, winning by a stroke. the fifth victory of his career and they head to augusta for the masters. today nascar went 15 extra laps before deciding the winner. the track known as the paperclip, with four laps to go
5:51 pm
the hendrick motorsports team held the top four spots. but then things got crazy. david reutimann is the white car down. reutimann was driving on a flat when his car quit and that brought out the caution flag. gordon and johnson stay out on the course and earnhardt heads to the pit. they go green checker on the restart and neither gordon or johnson get grip with their old tires. bowyer cuts off gordon and johnson, spinning them both out of contention. bowyer is taken out of contention and rick hendrick seeses 1-2-3 finish for his team spinning away and newman wins for the first time in 22 products with south bay product a.j. allmendinger finishing in 2nd. 168 laps to go in the endy car in birmingham, alabama. they are poised for a restar and will powers poised to get a. on scott dixon to take the
5:52 pm
lead. powers wins this race for the second year in a row. the giants wrapped up their cactus league season against the brewers and tim lincecum's final tune-up before opening- day. 7-4 loss and brandon crawford with a home run for the giants. the a's played two games in japan and josh reddick took seattle's george sherrill deep in the 7th. reddick fergs to be a fixture in right field for the a's in an otherwise crowded outfield. reddick something of a baseball throwback. >> i am a dirt dog. like to run through walls to catch the baseball and play the game 110%, no matter if we're down by so or up by 10. my parents taught me to play the game the right way. the no. 1 tennis player in the the world trying to stay on top of
5:53 pm
his game and we'll tell you about that when sportswrap continues and it's not just in the west where emotions are running high with the stanley cup playoffs about to again. we'll be right back.
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. the u.s. women's soccer team battled to a 1-1 tie with cappan. the team lost two in the final of last year's world cup of it features three of the top four teems in the world the u.s. plays brazil on tuesday. the top-tennis player looked the part in the sony ericsson open in key biscayne in florida. djokovic rolled past murray.
5:56 pm
. vanderveer watching the other semifinal game between notre dame and wins 83-75, if stanford can beat baylor in tonight's second game, that is who the cardinal's next omit would be. currently 8th in the western conference playoff race the sharks have today off and monday before their next most important game of the season. that is tuesday in dallas. the stars are 1 point behind san josi right now in 9th position. in the east, the penguins finally have sydney crosby back on the ice. that is what the flyers did. joe vitale flies into danny
5:57 pm
briere. it's and on. two coaches on the the side. tony granato and peter laviolette was ejected. the flyerses were flyers were 6-4 winners. two of the nba's high-profile teams meeting in oklahoma county. bulls come up empty against the thunder. they go the other way. russell westbrook lets one fly. kevin durant right there for the spectacular jam. those two dwight a one-two punch. oklahoma city wins. the bulls no. 1 in east and the thunder no. 1 in the west. that will to it for this early night edition of sunday night sportswrap. >> thank you, joe. see you then. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news, the coast guard as we reported earlier now on its way to help rescue the injured crew stranded hundreds of miles off the san francisco coast of
5:58 pm
we're expecting to get video of that operation tonight on the 10:00 news. of course that operation had been stalled because of the weather. thank you so much for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time newspeak. >> our coverage continues with tonight's 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2 news. we're always here for you on- line at and mobile ktvu. >> we'll see you back here tonight at 101:00 10:00.
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